When Should My Child See a Pediatric Dentist?

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Initial Dental Visit

Along with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, we recommend that a child’s first dental visit be scheduled by his or her first birthday or within 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth. While that may seem very early, we see this as an opportunity to educate you as a parent on how to best take care of your child’s teeth.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive dental and orthodontic treatment and education for children and adolescents in a friendly atmosphere that encourages children to enjoy their dental experiences. All of our dentists have the philosophy of treating our patients as if they were our own children. We would like for you to give us the privilege of treating your children. Our goal is that your child would come to our office and have good dental experiences, setting them on a path for a lifetime of dental health.

We are the River Region’s only pediatric dentist with on-site orthodontics. The families we work with grow up with our practice – from the first dental visit to a beautiful smile as teenagers and young adults. We work closely with you to provide convenient co-scheduling appointments for siblings at different stages, whether it’s dentistry, Invisalign, or braces

Thank you for entrusting the care of your child to us!
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