Your First Visit

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Preparing For Your Pediatric Dentistry Appointment

In keeping with our mission statement and our desire for you and your child to have good dental experiences at our office, we would like for you to know what to expect at the first visit.

Some children may be anxious and unsure of us and our office as we work to earn their trust. For those patients, doing a knee to knee exam with the parent holding the child in their lap may be appropriate.

For others who are older or more comfortable, we will do a cleaning, take appropriate X-rays, do a thorough oral exam, and apply fluoride. The hygienist and one of our dentists will then review our findings and any treatment that is needed.

Again, our goal is that your child would come to our office and have good dental experiences, setting them on a path for a lifetime of dental health. Thank you for entrusting the care of your child to us!

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