Braces for Kids

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Will Braces Impact My Child’s Lifestyle?

Most of our patients report that they had fairly easy time getting used to wearing braces. Having said that, there ARE a few important things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Chief among these is the fact that if your child plays sports, they’ll need to wear a mouth guard or other type of protection to safeguard their teeth and their braces during play. Likewise, there are certain types of foods they’ll want to avoid for the duration of their treatment – like anything that is particularly hard, chewy or sticky.

The Cost of Braces

Our treatment fees are based on the treatment complexity. We offer many different types of payment plans. Our experienced financial team will create a plan that meets your needs.

Does the Office Accommodate Families?

Yes! We’re well aware of the fact that every family’s schedule is packed, which is why our team is happy to co-schedule appointments to save your family time.

Remember that we serve both adults AND children for orthodontic treatment of all types, and are more than willing to see people who have previously attended another practice for their routine dental care.

We can schedule multiple children in the family for the same time slots, too, all in the name of making things as convenient for you as possible. For anyone seeing our orthodontists, you should also know that we can definitely combine routine dental care appointments with other orthodontic appointments to help provide you with the exceptional level of care and attention-to-detail that you deserve.

Whether you’re interested in braces, Invisalign or some other type of treatment option, all of our doctors are prepared to craft the individual treatment plan that you need when you need it the most – no exceptions.

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